Who can benefit from Smart Decision Inc’s
CBD Recommendation Algorithm?

  • Consumers – Obviously, the whole basis of our CBD Recommendation Algorithm, is to help consumers select the right CBD product(s) for their needs. Currently, as mentioned earlier, the CBD market is in its “wild-west” phase. Millions of consumers have heard about CBD. Millions of consumers would like to take CBD for their various ailments. However, so many consumers are holding back due to lack of knowledge and lack of what to buy. We believe that 99% of the population needs a pat on the shoulder (advice) when it comes to buying a new type of product. Frankly, most consumers need a push, regardless of what type of product they’re buying. The CBD recommendation algorithm will help provide consumers that added re-assurance they need to take the next step in purchasing CBD for their needs.
  • CBD Manufacturer’s – Most CBD manufacturers are selling direct to the consumer. Having a CBD Recommendation Algorithm Plugin on their sites, will help consumers stay on their sites and make a buying decision before navigating away to another confusing site.
  • Medical Practices – Medical practices (especially orthopedic practices) are starting to carry and sell CBD products from their offices. While consumers might feel better purchasing CBD from a “medical practice” for obvious reasons, it doesn’t change the fact that doctor’s do not have the familiarity to recommend the right CBD product/dosages for their patients.
  • Online Aggregator – Soon, there will be website(s) that act as a “Price Grabber” for the CBD industry. The group that we have spoken to will launch a site that will offer CBD products from approximately 50 CBD companies. The ability for the average consumer to visit their site and answer a handful of questions (CBD Recommendation Algorithm) to dial-in to a specific product or products that specifically suit the consumer’s need is a big deal to them!
  • Retailers that are selling and starting to sell CBD products (Walgreen’s, Kroger’s and mom & pop retailers & headshops throughout the country.) Besides using our online plug-in that would specifically represent their inventory/product offerings, they could also use the Plug-in with an in-store kiosk/tablet display where consumers could use our algorithm to make buying decisions on the spot.
  • Dispensaries – Recreational & Medical

Points Regarding the Algorithm

-While the algorithm is simple “question-based”, choices can consist of words, pictures, graphics, videos, etc.

-The algorithm will be for the most novice potential CBD buyer, who maybe only heard of the word CBD, to the consumer that might have done some research and is just as confused as before they even considered CBD as a solution

-The algorithm will be both for humans and for pets. As mentioned earlier, pets are consumer’s children after all!

The algorithm back-end database would be programmed, so that depending on which answers the consumer selects, it would search from values that have been pre-determined. 

Where will data for algorithm come from?

  1. Smart Decision is currently negotiating with a handful of CBD collectives that collect data for the CBD industry; most specifically for the manufacturers. Smart Decision Inc. plans on working out a beneficial deal with the collectives to have data upon launch of the algorithm.
  2. We expect our algorithm to be machine learning, so that the more the algorithm is used, the smarter it becomes for future users. While we’d prefer starting with as much already collected data as possible, we understand that it could be limited to start. As such, machine learning will be a key for us.
  3. Predictive Analytics will be crucial for situations where we might ask a question to start, such as, “What ailment do you have that you’d like to supplement CBD with?” In this case, a consumer might select, “Migraine.” The system should be smart enough to understand that, “Pet” CBD products should not be presented as an option.
  4. We believe that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will prove to be a factor in the speed of the system as the amount of data increases along the way.

The algorithm back-end database would be programmed, so that depending on which answers the consumer selects, it would search from values that have been pre-determined. 

How would consumers use the Smart Decision CBD Recommendation Algorithm?

  1. We envision a “plug-in” that any retailer/seller of CBD would be able to use on their own site and would work directly with their own inventory. They would also be able to highlight (like a google search) or change the order of products shown should more than one of their products meet the criteria of consumer’s needs. This way, they could try to unload higher inventory products first. As we know, consumers tend to focus on the first 1 – 3 choices on a google search. It would be no different here. This simply gives the reseller more control of what they would like to sell the most.
  2. Could also be smart phone and location based. So, for example, let’s say you are about to walk into a Kroger’s that is selling CBD, the software would automatically know or simply ask a “yes” or “no” question to make sure you’re at the location the system believes you’re at, and the algorithm for Kroger would specifically work with the inventory at that specific location. Of course, the retailer would have the option to show products in their entire system as they can bring it into the store in a matter of a day or two should the product only be in-stock in another location.
  3. Retail stores, Dispensaries, etc. could have a kiosk/tablet running our plug-in that works with what they sell/have in inventory so that by the time the consumer gets to the front of the line, they would know specifically what they want/need.
  4. An “aggregator” as mentioned earlier (think Price Grabber) would be able to use our plug-in to entice the value to all of the CBD companies that they list on their site. They would even have control to decide which CBD company’s products appear first. Or, they could even highlight the top selection(s) if need be.
  5. As government regulations come into the picture (probably at least a year away), we would be able to add their regulations/specifications to the back-end, so that the answers would reflect government data, much in the same way the system would reflect the data points that we add early on and data points that are learned over time.

One last thing to consider… The possibility of a model that works with Shopify and Woo Commerce e-commerce platforms (that account for 85%+ of the CBD market) and use a referral code to collect a fee. Think: Kayak of CBD. We want to remain nimble as this evolves and don’t want to discount or dismiss any possibilities as we grow.  Once the algorithm is complete, we will add a subscription and/or licensing-based model to our revenue stream.